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Find the Best Laptop Deals

Finding the best laptop deals is easier than you'd think. You simply need to know where to look and be willing to jump on a bargain.

The problem is that most people shopping online don't know where to start. We all have a short list of comparison sites that we frequent but, usually fail to notice what's right in front of us.

By taking a little extra time, it is possible to save $100's on your next laptop purchase. So, where do you start? Hopefully, the following tips will lead you in the right direction:

The Internet

This is the obvious first step and is a great place to start your price comparison. And, the great thing about the Internet is that you're no longer restricted to your immediate geographic region. Even taking into account duties and shipping costs, a significant savings can be found by ordering from another city or even country.

Sites like Froogle allow you to quickly compare prices across a broad range of stores. However, don't rely strictly on these results as they can often be out of date. Go to a few of the top retailers directly to see if they're offering any promotions and/or coupons. Also, you may want to check some major coupon sites to see what offers may be available. Many times these sites are able to provide exclusive deals not found anywhere else on the Internet. Some manufacturers that offer regular coupons to their customers are Dell, Apple, and Lenovo.

Also, be sure to read consumer reviews to narrow down your search to specific manufacturers and models. Once you have streamlined your search you will find it much easier to compare prices across online sellers.

Refurbished Laptops

Don't overlook this goldmine of deals. Refurbished laptops typically come with the same warranty that you will find on a brand new laptop but, at a much greater savings. With the cost to troubleshoot consumer problems, manufacturers usually find it much easier and cost-effective to simply swap out the troublesome parts and then re-issue the laptop as a refurbished unit. The end result is a laptop comparable in every way to a new laptop except for the price.

Discontinued Laptops

Laptop technology changes at a frenzied pace and once a new technology is developed, the old technology can be found at a deep discount. You can usually spot these deals by looking for the terms, “liquidation sale” or, “inventory clearing sale”. Once the next generation of models is rolled out, any remaining stock on the old inventory is targeted for a quick sale. When this happens, act fast to get a great bargain before it's too late and you have to wait for the next laptop to become yesterday's news.

Ask for that Deal

Usually the deal is sitting right in front of you and it's just as simple as asking for it. The competition is fierce in laptop sales and dealers are always fighting for market share. This is a great opportunity for those that demand the best deals.

Don't always take the listed price as the final price. It never hurts to ask and more often than not, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the results.

In conclusion, there are many ways to save on that next laptop purchase. This is a major purchase and should not be taken lightly. With a little common sense and some savvy shopping, you can easily save hundreds on your next laptop purchase. Do your homework, search for coupons both online and offline, don't ignore the deals to be had with a refurbished or slightly older model, and never accept the first price quoted.

Enjoy your shopping,

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